Priority Access FAQs

Priority Access FAQs

What does “Priority Access” mean?

The Priority Access program was a special pathway offer for new and existing Medtronic customers who purchased the MiniMed 630G system between August 10, 2016, and April 28, 2017. Participants were eligible to purchase the MiniMed 670G system at a special pathway price and were among the first in line to access our latest technology.

For eligible participants, the opportunity to upgrade to the MiniMed 670G system through the Priority Access program ended on July 28, 2017.

For more information about eligibility for upgrade programs, click here.

I’m enrolled in Priority Access. What are the requirements for the program?

The Priority Access program offered customers who purchased the MiniMed 630G system between August 10, 2016, and April 28, 2017, the opportunity to upgrade to the MiniMed 670G system for as low as $0.

  • The price to upgrade to MiniMed 670G system through Priority Access was $799
  • Participants receive a $500 credit for the return of the MiniMed 630G pump and transmitter
  • Pump and transmitter must be returned within 180 days of the MiniMed 670G pump shipment date
  • If the MiniMed 630G pump is not returned, customers will be charged $3,700 for the full system
  • Participants have the option to reduce the remaining $299 down to $0 by participating in the System Access program described below
  • The System Access activities and the return of the MiniMed 630G pump and transmitter must be completed within 180 days of the MiniMed 670G pump shipment date

Can you tell me more about the System Access activities that I have to complete to take $299 off the cost of the MiniMed 670G system?

Because we’re a regulated industry, there are strict rules about the credits we can offer. That’s why we offer System Access, so you can leverage your experience to provide Medtronic with valuable services that we can then compensate you for.

Completion of these activities within 180 days of your shipment date is required to get the refund:

  • Patient story ($75): This will be used to help other patients understand and relate to the experience of going on the world’s first hybrid closed loop system. It can be video (2-4 minutes) or written (about 500 words).
  • Approximately 75 days after your training date, you will be sent a link via email to upload your story to Qualtrics, the survey company we work with. Qualtrics communicates automatically with your account to confirm that you have completed each requirement. The invitation email will include suggested topics..
  • • Surveys: Responses are completely anonymous and aggregated.
  • Survey 1 ($50): 30-40 minutes, sent about 1 week after your pump ships
  • Survey 2 ($25): 20 minutes, sent about 30 days after your training date
  • Survey 3: ($50): 30-40 minutes, sent about 60 days after your training date
  • Like the story, you will be sent links to each of the surveys. Once you complete them, your account will be automatically credited.
  • CareLinksoftware data uploads ($99): you can receive the credit by uploading your data to CareLink Personal software at least one time within the 180-day time period.

When I upgrade to the MiniMed 670G system through the Priority Access Pathway program, will I receive sensors as well?

Your MiniMed 670G pump and transmitter will be shipped first, followed by a separate Guardian™ Sensor 3 package. Your sensor shipment will ship between 30 and 90 days after your pump shipment. We will notify you by email of your individual shipping schedule. This is because sensor orders may require an authorization from your insurance company, depending on your individual policy. We want to ensure that your ongoing supplies will be fully covered before we ship them out. We’ll do all the work on our end to ensure that you’ll be able to experience a smooth transition to the system with a regular supply of sensors since they are a critical component of the system. While you’re waiting for Guardian Sensor 3 sensors, please continue to use your current system.

When will I be trained?

Once your sensor order ships, a member of our StartRightSM support team will be in touch with you to prepare you for training.

I just found out my insurance won’t cover the MiniMed 670G system, is my Priority Access void?

I’m so sorry to hear this. Medtronic is actively working with both large and small insurance companies across the nation to help ensure access for the many people with type 1 diabetes who can benefit from the therapy. We anticipate coverage to increase over time.

  1. One option is to communicate your coverage situation with your physician and/or contact your insurance carrier to discuss your specific MiniMed 670G system coverage and/or address your ongoing supply coverage concerns. If you want to pursue coverage, we have a “MiniMed 670G System Coverage Inquiry Toolkit” to get you started in your outreach to your insurance company located: here.
  2. Another option is that if you are comfortable knowing that your ongoing consumables orders may not be covered by your insurance carrier because they do not recognize the MiniMed 670G system as medically necessary, we can move forward with your place in line for the MiniMed 670G pump. Remember, until your insurance carrier’s policy changes, you may be financially responsible for all ongoing supplies for the MiniMed 670G system.
    • If yes for Medicare patients: We’ll complete an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) for the lifetime of pump and ongoing supplies or until your medical policy changes.

You said the product would be available in the spring, but now you’re telling me I can’t get the MiniMed 670G system until late summer/early fall. What happened?

We are working as quickly as we can to take and fill orders for those who participated in the Priority Access Program. In addition to confirming your order and getting a prescription from your doctor, we also need to make sure your doctor’s office is set up to support you on this new first-of-its-kind technology. We’re getting to healthcare provider practices as quickly as we can, but it is taking time.

My friend already received the MiniMed 670G system, why do I have to wait?

As part of the Priority Access program, you are among the first to receive the MiniMed 670G system. However, before shipping systems to everyone in the Priority Access program, we think it’s important to test and learn from the training and onboarding program we’ve designed specifically for this product. Since the technology is so new and different, this program is a lot different than what we’ve done with previous pumps and sensors. So, we’re working with a subset of patients from the Priority Access program and their healthcare providers before we roll it out to everyone in Priority Access. This “Customer Training Phase” will help ensure that patients like you who transition to our system will have the best possible experience.

When will the MiniMed 670G system be available for customers who are not part of the priority program?

We will start shipping MiniMed 670G systems to people not in the Priority Access program in late summer/early fall.