NEW! Guardian Connect CGM.

Introducing the world’s first Smart continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)* system for people on insulin injections. With breakthrough tools to help outsmart the highs and lows of diabetes, the Guardian Connect CGM allows you to focus more on your life—not on your levels.

Available for Apple Devices

“Diabetes is a part of me, but I don’t let it define me. With Guardian Connect, I’m able to better manage my diabetes which leaves me free to focus on the positive and live my life the way I want to live it.”
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A Smarter Value for
your Diabetes.

Feature Why It's Important Guardian Connect System Other Continuous Glucose Monitoring Flash Glucose Monitoring
Predictive alerts So you can make adjustments ahead of time. Yes Yes No§
CareLink Software CareLink Personal therapy management software automatically uploads Guardian Connect CGM data, so you can tailor your treatment plan with your healthcare provider. Yes No No
Caregiver Data Share The people that are important to supporting your diabetes management receive alerts when it matters most Yes Yes No
Dedicated Monitor Required at purchase The Guardian Connect system for IOS gives you convenience with no extra device required No Yes4 Yes4
Sugar.IQ Diabetes Assistant The Sugar.IQ app uses IBM Watson to provide intelligent insights that help you make more informed decisions6 Yes No No
StartRightSM Our specialized onboarding program helps you make a smooth transition to Guardian Connect system Yes No No

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Stay connected to your loved ones with the CareLink Connect platform. Anytime access to glucose levels and automatic text message alerts give your loved ones peace of mind.